Wednesday, May 9, 2012


     My dad always told me if you don't know where to start, you should start at the beginning. I guess the beginning for me is why we've decided to try Domestic Discipline in our marriage.

     S and I have been married almost nine years now. We married very young, and like most marriages, after the "honeymoon" period was over, and we actually had to live together, it wasn't easy! We both had careers, and there was an instant family to adjust to, as I had a child from a previous relationship.

     After about the five year mark, we were fighting so much we couldn't stand each other. I had a demanding job, which I took out on poor S, and he was completely unchallenged at work, and more often than not, felt like the house husband. Pride is something we all struggle with :)

     Around the time I was laid off, I uttered the D word. It really woke up both of us to the issues in our marriage, and what had contributed to them. Ultimately we decided that we would try changing the roles in our marriage and see what happened from there! We had both always wanted a more traditional marriage, but we'd never really talked about it, so after a long series of conversations, we settled on DD. It's had it's ups and downs, but four years later, we're better than ever. We haven't fought in years, although we do disagree from time to time.

     For the past four years, while we've halfheartedly "practised" DD, we've never had consistent rules, or punishments. S, having been raised by a single mom, has a hard time, as he should honestly, thinking he may hurt me. Since I've now settled into being a stay at home mom, we've decided to incorporate DD into our everyday lives, rather than just here and there when I've been especially bratty!

     I decided, with his permission, that I wanted to start blogging about our day to day experience with incorporating DD full time in our marriage, which is what brought me here. I've been reading a few other blogs, and I've pointed him towards a couple as well, which I'll be linking with their permission eventually. Until then, I guess it's just me and whoever happens to stumble across my blog in the wee hours of the morning. I plan to blog every day or so, I guess we'll just see how often I have something to talk about! I'm completely open to questions to, but I ask that any comments or question be respectful. I don't bash the way other people choose to live, and I'm sure we'd all appreciate the same consideration.

- R